Dope Awards – Flash Website Awards

Dope Awards is all about finding and awarding sites that are "Dope", that's why for us the personality and impact that the site delivers are one of the most important criteria to judge. We also understand that in order for a site to successfully deliver it must be supported by other important elements.

Sites that are awarded 85 % or higher will then be re-evaluated and awarded either a Dope Award or a place in the recognition gallery. Sites scoring 90%-100% will win the coveted Dope Award.

-Peronality & Impact = 30% -Design & Graphics = 25% - Naviagation & Usability = 25% - Originality = 10% - Content = 10 %

This approach ensures that Dope Awards is full of sites that people want to see and be inspired by, not only sites that meet certain criteria. This is what sets Dope Awards apart.